Tal-Or is a well-known technical-oriented company which manufactures and supplies: Electro-Plating Process Lines (Activation, Passivation and Coating). Ziglo crack detecting solutions for the Aerospace Industry. Industrial washing and degreasing solutions. Membrane filtration. Process chillers inclusive subzero -30°C Environmental solutions and applications for industry. Post-market maintenance, control and automation services. Workshop services.

chemical lines

design's and manufacture various chemical lines. Activation and Pasivation. Automatic Zyglo.

wastewater treatment

Membrane filtration plants. Industrial Waste Water Recycling and Filtration

Cleaning & Washing Systems

Industrial Cleaning and washing solutions

Coolant & filtration

Recycling of Aerospace metals, chips and sludge. Micronfilters air & dust filtration. Thermal Exchange cooling systems..

Electrical Command & Control

Department of Building and Control Boards. Software with controllers: (Alan Bradley, Cinemens, Omron, LG, Unitronics, Yasqua, Drive Control, Servo Controls and more.)

Medical Clinic Solutions​

The Company Makes Test Equipment, Medical Facilities. Building Assemblies For Various Industries Including Manufacturing Complexes

At The Sales Department we Exclusively Represent :

  • Hydroflow Inc. coolant filtration systems.
  • ARBOGA\Nederman chips handling systems.
  • Micronfilters air & dust filtration system.
  • Thermal Exchange cooling systems.
  • Wieland mobile\ central vacuum extraction systems.
  • Wanner Hydra-Cell Int. Hi pressure pumps for Ind. applications.
  • Walruss Centrifugal pumps for machine tools and water applications.
  • Filtration aids such as cellulose powders paper roll media and
  • Spraying Nozzles.
  • Although we promote some other well known companies as dealers.

Tal-Or is a known technically minded company who manufacture and supply:

  • Electro Plating process lines ( Activation , Pasivation, Coatting ).
  • Ziglo crake detecting solutions for the Aerospace Industry.
  • Industrial Washing and degreasing solutions
  • Membrane Filtration.
  • Environmental solutions and applications for the industry.
  • After market , Maintenance , Control & Automation services.
  • Workshop services.

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